The Indian Midi Archive

Welcome to the Indian midi files website !! To listen to the songs, all you have to do is click on the midifile of your choice and in a matter of seconds you are actually listening to it! I found these files in the WWW long times ago. For more midi songs visit .
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Indian Midi Files

AKIYAMIL.ZIP11KIntro Clip: Akiya Milaoon from Film Raja
NAZEREM.ZIP3KIntro Clip: Nazere Mille from Film Raja
HUMA.ZIP3KIntro Clip: Huma from Film Bombay
KALIKALI.ZIP5KIntro Clip: Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhen from Film Bazigar
CHOOMA.ZIP7KIntro Clip: Jooma Chooma De De from Film Hum
BAZIGAR.MID35KIntro Clip: Bajeegar O bajeegar from Film Baazigar
CHHOTISI.MID31KIntro Clip: Dil hai chhotasa chhotisi asha from Film Roja
IK_LADKI.MID34KIntro Clip: Ik laDki ko dekha to from Film 1942
LAGJAGLE.MID9KIntro Clip: Lagja gale ke phir ye
PIYA_2UB.MID19KIntro Clip: Piya tu ab to aja from Film Caravan
SHOLA_JO..MID27KIntro Clip: Shola jo bhaDke, dil mera dhaDke

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