Durga Puja Stuttgart 2015

Since 1995 Durga Puja is being celebrated in Stuttgart which is the capital city of the state Baden-Württemberg in South Germany. This year in 2015 Durga Puja will be celebrated for 20 years now.
It will be a great occasion like every year. Bengalis from South Germany come to enjoy the Puja at Stuttgart. All new guests are welcome to take part in the devotion of Goddess Durga. Please help us to make this Puja a great success with your kind contributions. A contribution is required from all guests to finance the Puja.
We are looking for volunteers who want to help before, during and after the Puja days. If you are interested please contact Mr. Ganguly via e-mail.

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The Durga Puja Ceremony 2015
SASHTI, 18th October, Sunday 19.30 Bodhan (inauguration)
SAPTAMI, 19th October, Monday 11.00 Puja & Arati & Anjali (morning prayers & offering flowers)
19.00 Puja & Arati & Anjali (evening prayers & offering flowers)
MAHASTAMI, 20th October, Tuesday 11.00 Puja & Anjali & Arati
19.00 Puja & Anjali & Arati
SANDHI PUJA, 21st October, Wednesday 09.36 - 10.24 Sandhi Puja (Worship during transition) & Bolidan & Arati & Anjali
MAHANABAMI, 21st October, Wednesday 11.00 Puja & Arati & Anjali
19.00 Puja & Arati & Anjali
BIJOYADASHAMI, 22nd October, Thursday 10.00 Bijoya (final prayers) & Arati & Anjali (offering flowers)
13.00 Sindurkhela (women give Sindur to each other)

Location of Puja Mandap:
Gemeindezentrum St. Rupert
Koblenzer Str. 13
70376 Stuttgart
U-Bahnstop Rietmüllerhaus U-Bahn U12

Description from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Main station):
Take the U-Bahn U12 upto Rietmüllerhaus.
Puja Mandap is just 3 minutes walking distance from the U-Bahn stop Rietmüllerhaus.
And here is a map from the U-Bahn stop to the Puja Mandap.

Road descriptions can be found
in German or in English and a map is also available.
Click here for a city map of Stuttgart.

Information about accommodation in Stuttgart are available on the following websites: site1, site2 and site3.
Bus, U-Bahn and Metro (S-Bahn) timetables of Stuttgart

For further information and contributions please contact :

Mr. Tushar Kanti Ganguly, Tel: (0711) 825890, Stuttgart, Germany

Or you can also send an e-mail:

I will reply as soon as possible.

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